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Watch the trailer for 'When Marnie Was There,' the latest film from the legendary Studio Ghibli

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There's more to this studio than Miyazaki

Revered animator Hayao Miyazaki may have bowed out of animation with the stunning, controversial The Wind Rises, but his Studio Ghibli still has talent to spare. Hiromasa Yonebayashi is one such example; his directorial debut The Secret World of Arrietty was a critical and commercial success, and his latest film When Marnie Was There has just been released in Japan.

Like Arrietty, When Marnie Was There is an adaptation of a British children's novel, this time by Joan G. Robinson; the plot sees an unwell girl called Anna strike up a friendship with the ethereal Marnie while staying at a seaside town to recuperate. The trailer above is in Japanese, but you don't need to speak the language to grasp many of the Ghibli hallmarks — like so many of the studio's other works, When Marnie Was There looks to feature the same stunning animation grounded in emotional resonance.

Studio Ghibli hasn't announced plans for the rest of the world, but if The Wind Rises is any indication, you'll probably have to wait until 2015; that movie got a full release in North America this February after hitting Japanese screens the previous July.