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The UK is about to unleash a 'fart machine' on France

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Colin Furze plans to install a valveless pulse jet inside an enormous butt

A British inventor is preparing to let rip the loudest fart that France has ever heard. In order to accomplish this mission, Colin Furze put together a valveless pulse jet, a propulsion device sometimes used by hobbyists to power model aircraft and other remote-controlled vehicles. Next, he's building a gigantic pair of human buttocks to house his machine. Furze intends to have his absurd contraption prepared by July 24th, which is when he plans to unleash auditory hell from the cliffs of Dover, England.

Amazingly, Furze's upcoming stunt is far from his most outrageous. The plumber turned YouTube celebrity has created a multitude of other inventions including a jet-powered bicycle, the world's fastest mobility scooter, and a pair of magnetic shoes designed for walking on the ceiling.