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Uber finally launches a real Windows Phone app

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Windows Phone users can finally take a ride with Uber. Well, technically they could before by using Uber's previous "app" which was little more than a wrapper for the mobile site. But native software that's actually designed for Windows Phone is always better, and today there's finally an official Uber app. Yes, it arrives long after Uber debuted on rival platforms Android and iOS, but most of what you'd expect is there on day one. Set a pickup location in the app, choose the vehicle you want to ride in (Uber taxi, UberX, black car, etc.), and then sit back and wait for your driver. Payment is automatically handled via credit card, and once you've arrived at your destination, a receipt will be sent to your email inbox.

Frequent Uber customers will notice a couple things missing, though. There's no ability to split fares between other people riding with you, and the Windows Phone app can't yet provide fare quotes. Uber says it will adding both of those in updates within a month, so the wait to reach parity with Android and iOS shouldn't be terribly long. The app can be downloaded for free here.