Watch your back, Jimmy Iovine. Samsung's coming for you.

Last week, Samsung launched a new lineup of products in the US called Level. Beginning with four products — over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones, and a Bluetooth speaker — the Level lineup is about the least subtle Beats competitor ever created. Even the names are both cut from the same words-about-song-production cloth.

It's a move with obvious incentive: Beats is much-derided but massively popular, and is presumably about to become an integral part of Apple's music offerings. And while there are many Apple-specific headphone options, there’s no real default set for Android. Level devices come with a Samsung-made Android app, and their inline controls don’t work with Apple devices at all; these are Android headphones through and through.

If Samsung can pair better sound with the same stylishness — and the same marketing acumen, at which it's proven quite capable in the past — there's an enormous and proven Android-using market waiting for it.

All over the Verge offices the last few days, we've swapped our headphones — Beats, Sony, crappy Apple earbuds — for Level. (We're sure not switching to Milk Music, though.) Here’s how it went.