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Google Maps now helps you find breakfast spots in thunderstorms

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Explore function now allows users to customize recommendations using distance and time

Google isn't about to let Foursquare's upcoming redesign steal the spotlight. The search engine giant is today introducing a more context-sensitive version of the Explore function for its Maps app. The revamped feature now offers suggestions based on time and weather conditions, allowing users to schedule outdoor picnics around hurricane alerts. It is also possible to personalize recommendations further by inputting a specific time frame and your own definition of what qualifies as "nearby."

The My Location button in the Google Maps Android app is being enhanced as well, and will now automatically provide localized data like restaurant reviews and transit schedules. Places can also be saved for later, and a blog post written by Google Maps Product Manager Taj Campbell suggests that search results will grow more specialized depending on use. Location reporting and history will need to be turned on for best results, of course. According to the official announcement, the update will be available starting this week.