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Google gives Chromecast owners 90 free days of Play Music All Access

Google gives Chromecast owners 90 free days of Play Music All Access

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To celebrate Chromecast's first "birthday," Google is giving owners of its $35 streaming stick a free 90-day trial of Google Play Music All Access. The promotion is only being offered to non-subscribers, however. So if you're already paying Google each month, sadly this won't tack three additional months onto your membership. Anyone that's already participated in a free trial of All Access — regardless of length — is also being left out.

Both of those points are disappointing, but it's still a decent perk for Chromecast buyers that have yet to even look at the service. Play Music All Access normally runs $9.99 per month once you've completed an initial 30-day trial run, so this gives users a bit more time to decide if Google's take on subscription music is a good fit. You can redeem the deal anytime between today and September 30th.

When Chromecast was first released, Google also gave away three months of Netflix. So if you've taken advantage of both offers, the $35 device has basically paid for itself. Google isn't revealing how many Chromecasts it's sold over the course of 12 months, only saying that customers "have hit the cast button more than 400 million times" so far. That's not a terribly useful figure to draw any conclusions from, but few would argue that Chromecast hasn't already proven a fantastic value. And with genuinely useful features like Android screen mirroring on the way, the future's looking good for Google's tiny, plastic dongle.