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Rihanna destroys Paris in Dreamworks' upcoming 'Home'

Rihanna destroys Paris in Dreamworks' upcoming 'Home'


Talk about disturbia

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What to do, when you find the Louvre in a hopeless place? It's up to Rihanna to save the world in Home, an upcoming animated buddy comedy from Dreamworks, and a new clip shown at Comic-Con today finds the character she plays turning Paris upside-down. Rihanna plays Tip, who teams up with an outcast alien named Oh to stop an alien race named the Boov from relocating humanity. In the clip shown at Comic-Con, Tip and Oh find themselves surrounded at the Eiffel Tower, which the aliens have set up as a radio transmission tower floating above the city.

Rihanna's character springs into action, using alien technology to turn the Eiffel Tower upside town. A wild chase follows, during which big chunks of Paris are turned into rubble. The good news for humanity is that (spoiler!) their escape appears to be successful, and the rude boys on the alien side retreat to fight another day. Home is based on the children's book The True Meaning of Smekday, and it is scheduled to come out next June.