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Watch Jimmy Kimmel convince people that a $20 Casio is Apple's iWatch

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"I do like the big numbers — easy to see"

"Do you like that it tells you the date, and the time?" "Yes, that's a neat feature."

Jimmy Kimmel loves a good prank. He hoaxed the Sochi Olympics. He created a pretty epic twerking fail. He convinced the world that the iPad mini was the new iPhone. This week he went out onto Hollywood Boulevard and convinced a bunch of people that a $20 Casio watch with a white Apple sticker on it was actually Apple's iWatch. Or iTime, as he refers to it, because Jimmy might know something we don't.

The best part? People were into it. It has a stopwatch and a countdown, so it has to be amazing. And it's always in Airplane Mode! But the real lesson here is that there are a whole lot of people (at least in Hollywood) who will basically buy anything Apple tells them to. Even a $20 Casio watch with an Apple sticker on it.

"I mean," one guy says, "if it's Apple it's good, right?"