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Everyone can now play the 'Destiny' beta on PlayStation or Xbox

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Bungie opens the trial version of its huge shooter to the masses

Anyone with a compatible console can now download and play the beta version of Destinythe next video game from Halo creators Bungie. The early trial version of the game lets players create a character to blast both computer-controlled aliens and other players in a multiplayer arena, and can be downloaded on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. While Xbox gamers will need Xbox Live Gold and PS4 gaming requires a PlayStation Plus account, PS3 owners can play without any subscription.

The beta began on July 17th on PS4 and PS3, but Xbox One and 360 owners had to wait a week before their version of the trial started on July 23rd. Developer Bungie had previously only given access to players who had pre-ordered the game, in addition to a select few who had been sent codes, using the early beta as a way to entice people into stumping up the cash for the promising game more than a month before it goes on sale. If you do want to see Bungie's beautiful first-person shooter, make sure you get in quick to the newly public beta — it's ending at 2:59 AM ET on July 28th.