The Walking Dead video game was a remarkable series, one that turned a zombie apocalypse into a never-ending stream of gut-punching moral dilemmas. It was also proof that developer Telltale games hadn't been wasting its time. The studio spent nearly a decade perfecting a formula that turned video games into a series of episodes, just like TV, each of which you could play in a single sitting once a month. But it wasn't until The Walking Dead that Telltale finally had a hit. "The Walking Dead was one of those overnight wonders that took 10 years to put together," explains studio president and founder Kevin Bruner. The question was whether the studio could do it again, and its first attempt is The Wolf Among Us.

The two series are similar in a lot of ways. Not only is The Wolf Among Us also based on a comic book (Fables, in this case), it also features nearly identical gameplay and the same exact structure: a five-episode season that kicked off in October and wrapped up earlier this month. But in place of a ruined world filled with hungry undead, The Wolf Among Us is a gritty crime drama that drops fairy tale characters in the middle of New York City.

"We set really high standards for ourselves coming off the heels of The Walking Dead season one," explains Bruner. "We really wanted to prove that we could do it again." The first season of The Wolf Among Us proves just that.