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Indianapolis parking lot transformed into giant dynamic artwork

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Parking lots are rarely beautiful, but Rob Ley shows us that they can be. Spanning 12,500 square feet, his massive May - September installation transforms the front of the parking structure at Eskenazi Hospital, Indianapolis into perpetually changing artwork. It is comprised of 7,000 metallic panels, each of which is painted two colors: blue and yellow. Ley made sure to steer away from geometric patterns, choosing instead to draw inspiration from gentler shapes of nature.

The result is a dynamic, striking facade that changes depending on the time of day and a viewer's geographical position. Pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles see a "noticeable, dappled shift" while speeding motorists are treated to a quicker change in gradients. The founder of design studio Urbana, Ley built the installation with the assistance of Indianapolis Fabrications.