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'Community' season six could be your Christmas present

'Community' season six could be your Christmas present


Dan Harmon says "a 'Search for Troy' kind of thing" could be good

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Cult TV show Community has dodged the broadcaster's axe, and may be en route towards fulfilling its self-orchestrated "six seasons and a movie" meme, thanks to Yahoo TV. According to The Associated Press, creator Dan Harmon told Comic-Con 2014 attendees that Community would not return until at least Christmas as writing would likely begin in fall. Unlike with so many other on-demand series, there are plans to release the sixth season's 13 episodes on a weekly basis.

But fans are likely to be most interested in Harmon's comments about Troy Barnes, the loveable jock-turned-nerd played by Donald Glover. "Troy's out there somewhere. He may be in peril. That's what movies are made of," said Harmon. The Wrap reports the writer then added that there are currently "no plans" to bring a Troy-centric Community movie to the big screen, but believes "a 'Search for Spock' kind of thing" could be good. Nothing has been stated either in regards to whether or not Glover will return to Community, which he left early during season five.