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George R.R. Martin won't add 13-year-old begging for 'gruesome' death to next novel

George R.R. Martin won't add 13-year-old begging for 'gruesome' death to next novel

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Two huge Game of Thrones fans recently earned spots in a future novel from George R.R. Martin by donating $20,000 to causes close to the author's heart. Sadly, 13-year-old "Jack B." wasn't one of those winners. But when Jack's father showed him a news article about the charity campaign, the young teen felt inspired to donate his "pocket money" in hopes that Martin might consider adding just one more person to the next A Song of Ice and Fire book.

The only problem is that teenagers usually aren't carrying around a ton of pocket money. Jack's contribution amounted to just £153 (approximately $259.90 USD), but he made sure to include a handwritten note pleading his case. "Wolves are my most favorite animal," the boy wrote to Martin. "Although I'm not allowed to watch certain bits of Game of Thrones, I do enjoy playing Skyrim and acting out being a warrior with my bokken." 13-year-old Jack wrapped up the letter saying he'd "love" to appear in Martin's future work. "A gruesome, grizzly death is all I ask for."

Jack's letter to author George R.R. Martin (The A.V. Club)

Unfortunately it appears Jack won't get his wish, though Martin appreciated the gesture. "I cannot tell you how much that moved me," he wrote in a response to the boy. But the campaign's big spenders — one of whom is a Facebook employee — will be the only people going into The Wind of Winter. "Those spots have already been filled by some very generous donors, and there’s a limit to how many people even I can kill." If Jack's parents had forked out $20,000, it's likely Martin would have had no problem beheading the 13-year-old in fiction, or finding some other grisly end for his character. Still, as a show of thanks for the small but meaningful donation, Martin and Prizeo made their own contribution of $10,000 to a wolf conservation trust that Jack mentioned in his original letter.