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These beautiful worlds are trapped in tiny bottles

These beautiful worlds are trapped in tiny bottles

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Some people build ships in bottles. Rafael Varona builds worlds.

The Berlin-based artist and animator recently launched a new series of animated GIFs called "Impossible Bottles," that imagine beautiful, wondrous worlds stuffed inside miniature glass bottles. Right now the ongoing series includes a dense, colorful jungle and a dark, foreboding lake. He's also created a few smaller pieces that highlight the details, like the swimming woman. Unsurprisingly, Varona got the idea for the series from looking at actual ships in bottles, which at first glance appear to be impossible. "I found them to be an amazing inspiration to show animated worlds that are somehow limited or finite yet to include figures that observe their surroundings and experience it," he says. You can find more of his work at his site.


Lake_canvas2 Jungle_canvas1 Jungle_600px