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'Skull Island' movie will explore King Kong's monstrous home

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Legendary Pictures found a huge success in Godzilla earlier this year, and now it plans on turning its attention to another huge monster: King Kong. At Comic-Con today, Legendary announced that it was developing a movie based around Skull Island, home of the oversized ape. While it isn't clear if we'll see Kong himself in the movie, there will almost certainly be plenty of other big and terrifying monsters on the island that the film's protagonists will have to contend with. It's scheduled for a release on November 4th, 2016.

Given that Legendary was also behind Pacific Rim — Guillermo del Toro's movie about gigantic battling robots — it's starting to look like it's found that crowds love to watch these super-sized creatures duke it out. It just announced that Godzilla 2 was in production too, and that movie will have even more monsters than its predecessor. Clearly, at Legendary, the monster movie is back.