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The Penguin appears in latest 'Gotham' trailer

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Marvel is the biggest name in superheroes when it comes to the movies, so DC is now making a big effort to take over a screen of its own: the TV. Gothamwhich premieres on September 22nd, will be one of DC's highest-profile attempts to bring its comic-book worlds to television. The show is a crime drama that tells the origins of Batman, though Batman himself won't actually turn up in the series. Instead, it'll follow a young Commissioner Gordon — then just a detective — and it'll have him occasionally crossing paths with an even younger Bruce Wayne, who's dealing with the murder of his parents.

new trailer released today gives the best look yet at what that struggle will be like for young Bruce, and also gives a good look at the Penguin and Jada Pinkett Smith's gangster / club owner Fish Mooney. The trailer also teases the presence of Arkham in the series. The city of Gotham is clearly in a bad place when the show begins, and with criminals beginning to take over, there'll certainly be plenty for Gordon to do. The first episode of the series will actually be screening tonight at Comic-Con, so you should see some first impressions of the upcoming show very soon — including right here at The Verge.