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Liberia closing most borders to stop the spread of ebola

Liberia closing most borders to stop the spread of ebola


Outbreak has killed over 670 to date

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Liberia is closing down most of its borders and quarantining certain communities as it attempts to crack down on the spread of ebola within the region, which has so far killed over 670, including 129 people in Liberia alone, reports the Associated Press. The country's president outlined on Sunday the new measures being put into place to restrict spread of the disease, which does not have a known cure. In addition to closing all but three of its border crossings and quarantining communities widely affected by the virus, the restrictions include limitations on public demonstrations and requirements that certain venues, such as restaurants, run a five-minute video on ebola.

The current ebola outbreak became the largest ever recorded over a month ago, and it's still spreading. Guinea and Sierra Leone have also had residents infected with the virus, which is believed to have begun spreading from Guinea at the beginning of the year. Despite the tight restrictions, Liberia will reportedly be keeping open its international airport. Liberia will instead set up ebola testing stations at all open airports and border crossings, but specific requirements about use of those tests haven't yet been announced.