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Alleged test footage shows how amazing a 'Deadpool' movie would be

Alleged test footage shows how amazing a 'Deadpool' movie would be

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There's been talk of Hollywood making a movie out of the comic series Deadpool for a while now, and a couple years ago there was actually some forward progress. An animated clip of test footage was put together to show what the film would look like, and it appears that that footage has now leaked online (though most copies of it have since been removed). The quality may not be great, but the good news is that the eccentric antihero appears to transfer from page to screen quite well, keeping his sharp dialog and tendency to break the fourth wall intact. He also performs quite well in some smartly choreographed fight sequences.

The animation is believed to have been made in 2012 by VFX artist Tim Miller, who worked on Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim movie and was on board to direct Deadpool, according to JoBlo. Ryan Reynolds was reported to be attached to star as Deadpool himself, and it certainly sounds like him in the clip. Adding to its authenticity, The Wrap points out that the footage looks almost exactly like how one of Deadpool's creators, Rob Liefeld, described it during a panel last year.

Update: the Deadpool video has been removed following a copyright notice from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.