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Stackable cells allow you to sleep on top of your friends at music festivals

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There may be a much more comfortable and stylish way to stay the night next time you head to a big music festival. Two Belgian design firms have created an efficient new type of campsite that stacks tiny sleeping pods together like a honeycomb. The pods look like they should provide a bit more comfort and space than the average tent — they even have power and a king-size bed — but the overall structure shouldn't take up dramatically more room because it's building vertically, using a short stairwell to provide access the upper levels.

The campsite is cleverly called B-and-Bee, and it began testing at a festival this summer. Specifications for the units will be finalized this fall, and the design firms, Compaan and Labeur, hope to have them ready for people to start sleeping in next year. They don't lay out what the business model will be for them, and presumably you won't be toting a half-dozen of these into Coachella. Instead, it seems like a few B-and-Bees might be arranged at festival site that attendees might rent out ahead of time.