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Daniel Radcliffe turns devilish in new trailer for paranormal murder mystery 'Horns'

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'Harry Potter' actor grows two new appendages in upcoming movie

Harry Potter might be a movie murderer. Daniel Radcliffe, who played the teen wizard in the eight-film series, has moved on to very different roles since his time at Hogwarts ended. His upcoming film, Horns, sees him adopting an American accent and being accused of killing his girlfriend. The movie's latest trailer aired first at Comic-Con, and opens with Radcliffe in happier times, before shifting to show him trying to cope as bony appendages grow out of his head and his life falls apart.

Horns is based on a book by author Joe Hill, and opens in the US on Halloween after premiering last year at the Toronto film festival. The movie adaptation was directed by Alexandre Aja, who also directed 2003's blood-soaked Switchblade Romance and wrote the unsettling Maniac, a horror movie shot from the first-person perspective of a killer Elijah Wood. From its trailers, Horns appears slightly less brutal in tone than those movies, but it keeps some of their violence — at the end of the new trailer, a horned Radcliffe incites reporters to beat each other up in a bid to win an exclusive interview with him.