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Microsoft's Cortana now integrates Foursquare results

Microsoft's Cortana now integrates Foursquare results


That's what a $15 million investment buys you

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Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare earlier this year, and now the software maker is using the location data to improve its Cortana digital assistant. Windows Phone 8.1 users have started seeing prompts to add nearby suggested places into Cortana’s Notebook of features recently. The new feature simply surfaces nearby Foursquare locations that are popular, including restaurants, bars, and places of interest. Foursquare’s suggestions appear in cards alongside other Cortana interests, and selecting one will immediately launch the Foursquare app to show a more detailed view of the place. Microsoft is also planning to use its Foursquare data investment to improve Bing on the web and in Windows 8.1. Alongside the Foursquare roll out, Cortana has also picked up a feedback feature ahead of an expansion to the UK and China this week.