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Uber for Business launches to let companies pay for employee travel

Uber for Business launches to let companies pay for employee travel

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Uber wants to help you get around while you're at work, and it's launching a new business service today to let workers do that on their company's dime. Uber for Business allows companies to grant their employees the option of billing travel receipts directly to a company card, rather than having to pay for the travel on their own and then expense it. For workers whose company supports it, they'll start to see a second payment option in Uber, allowing them to switch back and forth between personal and business payments. Uber will also integrate with the expensing service Concur to automatically file receipts for those who use it.

For now, Uber for Business appears as though it'll work best for small companies, as each employee needs to be added to an account individually. Uber says that later this summer, however, it'll become possible to activate business expensing company wide. Naturally, businesses will be able to see information on every trip that their employees take, and Uber says that it's even built out some analytics to help companies see how many rides are being taken and how much they're spending. Uber might be more expense in some cases, but it's continuing to make itself even more convenient than hailing a traditional cab.