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Netflix is now also paying AT&T to improve streaming quality

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Netflix has signed another interconnection deal with another ISP: AT&T. The two sides have reached an agreement that should over time result in better streaming performance for Netflix subscribers. Terms of the deal aren't being disclosed, so we don't know how much Netflix paid for direct access to AT&T's network. But it's likely modeled after similar deals Netflix reached with Comcast and Verizon earlier in the year. Mashable first reported the new agreement between Netflix and AT&T.

Unbeknownst to customers, Netflix and AT&T actually came to an interconnection agreement back in May. But the company is only now "beginning to turn up the connections," a spokesperson told The Washington Post. That process will be completed within a couple days, though it may take longer before buffering and playback interruptions become a thing of the past for U-verse customers. Verizon hasn't exactly taken the ISP performance chart by storm in the months since reaching its deal with Netflix, and AT&T has traditionally ranked fairly low on the list. The FCC has said it's looking into streaming hiccups customers have experienced as Netflix, ISPs, and companies like Level 3 and Cogent continue to spar over who's responsible for shouldering the costs of delivering content across the web. "Consumers must get what they pay for," FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said last month.