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Martha Stewart writes a love letter to drones in 'Time' magazine

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A match made in heaven

Martha Stewart poses with one of her signature creations.
Martha Stewart poses with one of her signature creations.

We have been dutifully chronicling the particular technological habits of Martha Stewart — yes, that Martha Stewart, lifestyle magazine magnate and convicted obstructor of justice —  for some time now, including her self-described "beautiful" personal drone. But even we could not have imagined the true, poetic depths of Martha Stewart's appreciation for unmanned aerial vehicles, at least until today. In an 800-plus-word ode published in Time magazine, Stewart reveals the backstory of her introduction to drones (a "meet cute" on a beach in Maine on her birthday, naturally), and expresses her admiration of how great architects of the past were able to build things without drone aerial photography.

She also makes a few good points about the usefulness of drones compared to other, more potentially dangerous methods of aerial surveying, and acknowledges that there remain serious unanswered questions about how drones should be regulated in order to protect people and their privacy. However, in the meantime, she's happy to enjoy the photos captured by her personal Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and another drone, a DJI Phantom, owned by one of her farm workers. You can trust Stewart to always land on the practical solution. Read her love letter to drones in full over at Time.