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Russia says no to filming 'House of Cards' inside UN

Russia says no to filming 'House of Cards' inside UN


UN Security Council Chamber is no place for fictional politicians

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Russia will not allow House of Cards to be filmed in the UN Security Council chamber, according to Foreign Policy. Diplomat Mikael Agasandyan explained the reasons over email, stating that the premises should be kept available for use by members and were not appropriate as a stage for the political drama series. China was similarly hesitant, wanting a "rough idea on the scripts" before making a concrete decision.

Foreign Policy reports that the UN Department of Public Information had advocated cooperation, as it believed that the production could help raise awareness about the organization. The show's producers reportedly wanted to film a scene depicting a meeting in the Security Council and a discussion between ambassadors. Shooting was planned for mid-August, and would have taken place during weekends or late at night. An anonymous council member also noted that discussions may still be underway, meaning that Russia's decision might eventually be rescinded.