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Netflix still offers more top movies than rivals, and Hulu Plus still wins on recent TV

Netflix still offers more top movies than rivals, and Hulu Plus still wins on recent TV

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Netflix offers more top movies than any of its subscription streaming rivals, according to new analysis from Piper Jaffray. Variety highlights that the company's lineup includes 10 of 2013's 50 best box office performers. For comparison, Amazon Prime Instant Video has just three. "Netflix is still leading by a wide margin,” said Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson. But it's not all bad news for Amazon; the company offers customers a decent selection of top movies that are at least two years old. So if you don't need the latest and greatest blockbusters, Prime Instant Video isn't a bad way to go — but it still trails Netflix, which offers acclaimed original programming like Orange is the New Black in addition to its rotating catalog of licensed films. Amazon hasn't yet been able to produce its own original hit series.

Netflix is also besting Amazon on the TV front, streaming 32 percent of the 75 most popular shows spanning back four seasons. Piper Jaffray based this data purely on TV ratings, so it doesn't account for critical darlings that aren't drawing huge audiences. For its part, Amazon Prime offers 12 percent of shows using the same criteria. Unsurprisingly, Hulu is blowing away both of its rivals when it comes to recent TV content. Subscribers get 57 percent of the top 75 shows from the 2013/2014 season, a direct result of Hulu's strong network ties. Netflix offers less than half that, and Amazon comes in at an even lower 9 percent.

But Amazon has picked its battles wisely, landing a major deal with HBO and securing exclusives both new (The Americans) and old (24). The company has also worked out a pact with CBS allowing it to stream episodes of Beyond the Dome and Extant less than a week after their premiere on TV. Piper Jaffray's analysis really just means that the status quo still hasn't changed. Netflix is best for movies, Hulu Plus wins on TV, and Amazon is trying to fit somewhere in the middle thanks to an aggressive approach to locking up content.