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See the evolution of Superman's costume in film and TV

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The two biggest superheroes around are headed for a fight, and neither of them look very happy about it. This morning, a first photo of Henry Cavill as Superman was released from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Superman doesn’t appear to be all that different than he was in Man of Steel, Cavill’s look is still a surprisingly different one from those that came before him. To get a better impression of where Zack Snyder’s films are coming from, take a look back across the history of Superman’s sometimes awkward, sometimes incredible appearances on film and TV.

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Superman TV and film costume history


Action Comics #1
Superman’s first appearance, of course, was on the pages of 'Action Comics.' The first 14-page issue was released on May 31st, 1938, and it presented a version of Superman’s origin story that isn’t all that different from the tragic history that’s usually presented today.