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A closer look at the Lytro Illum, the futuristic new light-field camera

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Two years ago, Lytro's first camera showed us a world in which we never had to worry about getting the right photo anymore, where we could change focus and perspective well after we shot our photos in the first place. But that camera looked like a kaleidoscope: the square red camera was too odd, too awkward to really get down and dirty with. The Illum, Lytro's second model, is a $1,499 beast of a digital camera that is designed to completely reinvent the way we take and look at photos.

We've reviewed the camera in full, and it's clear that the Illum is not yet a finished product. But it's a remarkable one, and a beautiful one. So here, in deep detail, is the camera that Lytro hopes will start a revolution.

Photos by Sean O'Kane and Michael Shane

Lytro Illum pictures