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Samsung's Milk Music gets $3.99 monthly premium plan to skip unlimited songs

Samsung's Milk Music gets $3.99 monthly premium plan to skip unlimited songs

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Samsung's streaming internet radio service Milk has been free of advertising since its launch, though as part of a new update has added the option to pay to skip more tracks and download music to play without an internet connection. The new "premium service" (spotted by Android Police) runs $3.99 a month, and upgrades users from six song skips per hour to unlimited. Users also get a sleep timer, as well as the option to turn its curated station DJs on or off. Samsung accidentally outed its premium service back in April inside an infographic posted on its corporate blog, though the feature was described only as a way to remove advertisements, which free users still do not hear.

Still not open to everyone

Milk remains a highly limited service, available only for US users who one of Samsung's newer Galaxy tablets or smartphones. Behind the scenes, the service is powered by Slacker, which serves up about 200 different stations of music. Besides the lack of ads, Samsung's main pitch for Milk over myriad competing streaming radio services is a customizable dial that can instantly jump to different stations, as well as curated channels put together by guest DJs. Since then, others — including Rhapsody — have jumped in with similar services that add things like streaming for local AM and FM radio stations and a limited amount of songs that can be played on-demand.

Milk remains ad-free for now, even with the new subscription option. We've reached out to Samsung to see if and when that's coming to an end.