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You can now Shazam from your Mac

You can now Shazam from your Mac


Background music detection is the best feature

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While Shazam has long existed on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, it’s making the jump to the Mac today to bring song detection to the desktop. Shazam already has a fullscreen Windows 8 app, but its new Mac app is more of a traditional desktop app that sits quietly in the system tray. This subtly extends to one of its best features: automatic music detection in the background. If you allow Shazam for Mac to detect music automatically then it will do so while it’s open, particularly useful if you’re watching TV or listening to a radio in a coffee shop with your MacBook. If you leave Shazam for Mac silently detecting music in the background then it will trigger a notification each time a new track is identified. The idea of an app constantly listening to your every move could be alarming to some, but for music lovers the convenience will trump any privacy fears. It’s easy enough to disable the automatic monitoring, or simply close the app to quell any concerns. Shazam for Mac is available immediately in Apple’s Mac App Store.