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This is what Instagram for Android would look like with Google's Material Design

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Google's "Material" redesign isn't expected until later this year, but it's already getting people excited. The new user interface style is supposed to be based around how physical objects move and is "grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink." Google is already encouraging third-party developers to redesign their apps to fit with the new style, but some people just can't wait for that to happen. Designer Emmanuel Pacamalan has created a concept video showing Instagram rebuilt using Material Design principles, and the results are gorgeous.

Instagram has traditionally been very slow to add visual features, but did a big redesign for iOS 7, so it would make sense that we could see a new look for the upcoming Android update. We've yet to hear from most developers whether they are planning to adopt the new user interface, but this concept makes a strong case for living in the material world.