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Siri joins Cortana in World Cup predictions

Siri joins Cortana in World Cup predictions


Can Apple's assistant match Microsoft's 8-0 winning streak?

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Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant has successfully predicted eight World Cup results with 100 percent accuracy so far, but just as the games are getting more difficult to pick, she has fresh competition from Apple's Siri. While Microsoft added its World Cup predictions to Cortana last weekend, Siri didn’t appear to offer its own estimates on the games in our own testing until later this week. If you now ask Siri variations of who will win a particular game, she offers up some noncommittal responses. "It’s a tossup (if you’ve got a coin, heads says France win, tails says Germany)," is Siri’s France vs. Germany "prediction," while "I don’t have the line on this one, but Colombia has a better record than Brazil" is the estimate for today’s other game.

"No one is offering a prediction on that game, but Netherlands has a better record than Costa Rica," is another response, suggesting that Siri tried to use its vast data sources to find predictions, but fell back to previous game stats to pick a winner. All of Siri’s responses aren’t quite as solid as Cortana, but they do represent yet another fun feature for Apple’s personal assistant. Meanwhile, Google Now has not yet started offering its own World Cup predictions, leaving Cortana and Siri to battle it out head-to-head.