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This is the car you'd drive to explore national parks on Mars

The dream of the VW Microbus lives on in this concept car

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Brazilian designer Eduardo Galvani has put together renderings for a concept car he's dubbed the "Nimbus." It's a bulbous, van-like hybrid that evokes the nostalgia we feel for the classic VW Microbus, but lives in a future world where car design is free to be whimsical — if not a little weird.

Galvani also imagined the features and the details of how the van would operate: a rear engine paired with an electric motor, big knobby semi-cross tires, a tablet-based center panel display, and of course a mini-fridge with room for eight cans of your beverage of choice. Though Galvani says it would weigh about 3,570 pounds, what it really weighs is nothing; it's as solid as the CAD rendering file it was made with, as hefty as our dreams of touring a national park on Mars while ensconced in a glass-and-metal orb.

You can see more of the Nimbus below, or visit Galvani's site for a full gallery.

Nimbus concept car renderings


The Nimbus is a bubble-shaped combination of curved glass, carbon-fiber, titanium, aluminum, and whimsy.