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Super PAC to end all super PACs hits its $5 million funding goal

Super PAC to end all super PACs hits its $5 million funding goal

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A crowdfunded super PAC designed to end all super PACs has achieved its funding goal. The Mayday PAC raised $5 million from over 50,000 small contributions over the past couple of months. Added to the $5 million matching contribution it's expecting and the $2 million it pulled in this past May, the political action committee should have the $12 million founder Lawrence Lessig said it'd need to wield influence in five key House races this year.

Lessig, a Harvard professor outspoken against the state of campaign finance in the US, said in a blog post that "this may be this movement’s most incredible moment so far." He added, "We’ve got lots of ideas about how to make this work. We’ll be testing them and improving them and building lots that’s new. But you’ve raised the money. It’s time to get down to work. So stay tuned."

The Mayday PAC has garnered attention because of its tech-friendly crowdfunding approach and its unusual plan to achieve its aims by using the very type of campaign contributions it's combating. According to Lessig, the PAC will first work on a proof-of-concept project to elect representatives in five key House races who support campaign finance reform. (Those races have yet to be announced.) By 2016, the PAC hopes to get enough representatives elected to keep big money out of politics. A lot stands in the way before that comes to pass, but the very fact that Mayday has achieved its funding goal at least shows that Americans do care about the effects of money in politics.