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Classic ’80s anime 'Robotech' resurrected on Kickstarter

Classic ’80s anime 'Robotech' resurrected on Kickstarter


$500,000 sought to create pilot episode for new series

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Carl Macek died before he could bring animated sci-fi series Robotech Academy to life, but Harmony Gold Productions wants to change that. Kotaku reports that the show is being built on Macek's notes, outlines, and partially completed scripts. Robotech Academy will pivot around the children of the original cast, all of whom are students at the titular educational facility. Unlike in earlier series, the main antagonistic force won't be the alien Invids, but a mysterious group called "Children of Zor."

Fans may also see older or younger versions of familiar characters, according to Kotaku's interview with producer Tommy Yune. Additionally, new mechas will be introduced to help form a cohesive link between the series' vastly different robot designs. The production company is attempting to raise $500,000 on Kickstarter to fund the 24-minute-long pilot episode. Those interested in appearing as a static background character will have to pledge at least $3,000, but a digital copy of Robotech Academy can be procured with only a $25 contribution. If successfully funded, Harmony Gold Productions hopes to have the project completed by July 2015.