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Bungie's 'Destiny' beta is coming to Xbox on July 23rd

Bungie's 'Destiny' beta is coming to Xbox on July 23rd


PlayStation gamers can play starting July 17th

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PlayStation 4 owners were given the first opportunity to play Bungie's Destiny last month during an alpha preview that was exclusive to Sony's console. But Xbox gamers will get their chance soon enough. The online beta for Destiny will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360 starting July 23rd and run until 2:59AM ET on July 28th. Activision announced today. The multiplayer beta will offer Xbox players their first peek at Destiny, the sci-fi shooter Bungie has been working on ever since the studio said goodbye to the Halo franchise.

Those in the PlayStation camp are still getting a better deal; on PS3 and PS4, the upcoming beta kicks off July 17th. Bungie and Activision will take everything offline for two days of maintenance starting July 21st, but Sony's customers will ultimately have more time to put the game through its paces. The beta will close on all platforms at 2:59AM ET on July 28th. Bungie also announced two lavish deluxe versions of the game available for pre-order: a $149.99 "Ghost" edition and a $99 limited edition that each pack in several collectibles. With the former, that includes a Ghost replica complete with the voice of Peter Dinklage.