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10 heroes who funded potato salad on Kickstarter

10 heroes who funded potato salad on Kickstarter


This salad is a bit rich

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What makes a potato salad? Is it a dollop of mayonnaise, a dash of white sugar, and perhaps some minced celery? Not in the future. In the future, single bowls of potato salad are made by thousands of people: citizen venture capitalists, from all over the world, ready to advance the interests of the species through one man in one kitchen with one vague desire to eat. The entire course of human history — kings murdering for crowns; millions dying in the machinery of revolution; the Cold War; ABC's LOST — has led to this potato salad.

This absurd quest for the affluent has already raised more than $36,000 and shows no signs of stopping. Here are some of the titans of charity who are making it happen.

1. Joe

Fort Wayne, Indiana

9 projects backed, including:

- The Long Dark, a first-person post-disaster survival simulator
- Death Road to Canada, a "permadeath" road trip simulator
- Potato Salad

2. Luke Burdack

Canberra, Australia

38 projects backed, including:

- kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer
- A smartphone controlled paper airplane
- Universal car dock for iPhone and Android
- Potato Salad

3. Eleanor Briscoe

Rome, Italy


5 projects backed, including:

- Hints and tips for video game pioneers
- Obduction: a game from the creators of Myst and Riven
- Potato Salad

4. Laura June Topolsky

Brooklyn, New York
Writer, troll

1 project backed:

- Potato Salad

5. Christopher Holland

Atlanta, Georgia

82 projects backed, including:

- Reading Rainbow
- Female Pervert, a feature film
- The Veronica Mars movie
- The newest hottest Spike Lee joint
- Potato Salad

6. Amanda Roberts

Shenzhen, China
Copy editor, Shenzhen Daily

49 projects backed, including:

- Waijiao, a comic about teaching in China
- Peter Pan, the graphic novel
- The people's ebook
- How to make an award winning Cornish pasty
- Potato Salad

7. Tom Lieber

Cambridge, Massachusetts
PhD student, Developer

61 projects backed, including:

- Wish I Was Here, a film by Zach Braff
- 99%, an Occupy Wall Street film
- Ouya game console
- Potato Salad

8. Kevin Rose

San Francisco, California
Founder of Digg

10 projects backed, including:

- Rustic case for iPad and Kindle 3
- Nomad Lightning cable for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
- The Micro 3D printer
- Pony Tales: a story about horses
- Potato Salad

9. Eric Limer

New York City, New York
Editor, Gizmodo

4 projects backed, including:

- Code Hero: a game that teaches you to make games
- Breaking Good: a Breaking Bad podcast
- Potato Salad

10. Joshua Malina

New York City, New York
Actor: Scandal, The West Wing

5 projects backed, including:

- Larsen & Lund upcycled leather bags and accessories
- IAMA Theatre Company 2013-2014 bi-coastal season
- Building Bridges, a film based on a true story
- Potato Salad

Of course, if you've got no stomach for potato salad, there are plenty of alternative recipes for happiness.