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Armed robbers steal over 40,000 Samsung products in factory heist

Armed robbers steal over 40,000 Samsung products in factory heist

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Samsung just suffered a massive heist that sounds like something plucked straight from a movie script. But it had nothing to do with Hollywood, and now the company is missing $6 million worth of products. According to the Associated Press, over 20 robbers took part in the carefully orchestrated theft carried out late Monday night at a Samsung factory in Brazil. The group hijacked a company bus and made their way towards the plant, capturing eight employees along the way. After stealing each worker's ID badge, the heavily armed thieves took two of them along as hostages.

Thieves loaded up seven trucks with Samsung gear

They forced their way into the facility, subdued Samsung's security guards, and spent over three hours filling up trucks with Samsung-branded phones, laptops, and other electronics. And we're not talking just one or two trucks. The band of thieves managed to load over 40,000 devices into seven trucks before pulling away into the night. No workers were hurt during the ordeal, though several were forced to turn over their phones to prevent any calls to police.

Local authorities and Samsung are now scrambling to review surveillance video and any other clues that offer insight into how a heist of this magnitude was successfully pulled off. Naturally, one theory is that it was an inside job and the thieves had help from a factory employee. "We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to prevent this happening again," Samsung said in a statement to the AP.