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The biggest e-sports tournament ever starts today and you can watch for free

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There are lots of ways to watch all of the 'Dota 2' action

Starting today the best Dota 2 players in the world will be competing for an insane prize pool of more than $10 million. And whether you're a fan or just someone looking to learn what e-sports are all about, there are plenty of ways to watch — and it's completely free. The event is being streamed at, and it all starts with the first day of playoffs today. There's a standard live broadcast complete with commentary and analysis, but also a new "spoiler-free DVR" stream that lets you catch the matches at your own pace, in case you aren't able to check it out in real-time.

For Dota 2 junkies who need to watch every moment, there's also the international multicast, which lets you stream four games at once, perfect during the busy early rounds. According to Valve, the multicast will combine "all the interesting games, unexpected picks, big team fights, catastrophic misses and clutch plays into one package, complete with commentary and desk analysis." Finally, for those who have a tough time getting past the jargon-heavy commentary in the regular streams, the tournament is introducing a newcomers stream, which is aimed at easing potential new fans into the experience.

It all starts at noon ET today, and runs through to the Grand Finals on July 21st — so there's lots of Dota 2 action in your future.