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Samsung's 'Gear VR' virtual reality headset purportedly revealed in leaked image

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SamMobile has published what it claims is the first image of Samsung's upcoming virtual reality device. The product is allegedly called Gear VR, and as Engadget reported last month, is the result of a collaboration between Samsung and Oculus VR. Unlike the Oculus Rift, Samsung's Gear VR isn't a virtual reality headset in the traditional sense. Based on rumors we've seen thus far, it's more accurate to think of it as a fancier version of Google's Cardboard giveaway. Your phone powers the entire experience. Presumably the Gear VR will offer a more comfortable means of strapping a smartphone onto your face thanks to its elastic band and padding. It's not the sleekest-looking thing, though what we're seeing here appears to be a render — and only a side view at that.

To help prevent disorientation, Samsung will reportedly offer users a view of the outside world when they need it by tapping into the rear camera on Galaxy smartphones. A built-in touchpad will also allow wearers to control the Gear VR's software, though SamMobile doesn't have any images of what Samsung has in the works there. Oculus is said to be responsible for creating the device's user interface, but rather than gaming, Samsung is purportedly putting a focus on media consumption with its entry into the world of VR. SamMobile says Gear VR will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA in early September. There's no word on how much Samsung plans to charge for it.