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The first Android Wear apps and hacks have arrived

The first Android Wear apps and hacks have arrived


A 'Flappy Bird' clone, binary watch face, and custom ROM for your wrist

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While Google smartwatches have only just begun making their way to early adopters, developers are already publishing apps designed for Android Wear, a platform specifically tailored for wearables. Byte Me Software's Binary Watch Face is the first in what will likely be a long line of customization options. As the name implies, the app transforms regular displays into a configurable binary clock, which will display numbers in base two as opposed to the standard format. The first Android Wear game, unfortunately, isn't quite as impressive. According to TechCrunch, it's an experimental Flappy Bird clone that uses Android's iconic green mascot in lieu of bug-eyed poultry.

For those interested in modifying their new hardware on a deeper level, Android Central reports that the first custom ROM for the LG G watch is already available. Dubbed "Gohma," the modified version of Google's new operating system reportedly includes features like increased battery life, improved vibrations, better overall performance, and reduced lag between screens. The Android platform has always been famous for its incredible customizability, and it looks like Wear will continue that trend.