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Microsoft brings video editing to Windows Phone 8.1 with Video Tuner

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Windows Phone has always been missing good video-editing tools, and Microsoft thinks it now has the answer. Available today, Video Tuner is the latest in a series of additional apps developed by the Nokia part of Microsoft. It will debut exclusively for Lumia handsets that are updated to Windows Phone 8.1, and provides an official alternative to some third-party solutions. While Microsoft has its own basic Movie Moments app already, Video Tuner brings a number of new tools you’d expect from a full video-editing app. Cropping, trimming, mirroring, and flipping are all supported, alongside options to add music and video filters.

Video Tuner also includes tweaks for adjusting exposure, contrast, and saturation levels. MP4 videos are supported along with MP3 files for music. Unfortunately MixRadio and Xbox Music tracks can’t be used due to their DRM protections, so audio tracks are limited to MP3 files stored on a phone. Microsoft is also adding a speed-change option to Video Tuner, perhaps in response to Apple’s iPhone 5S slow-motion feature. Once videos are edited they can be shared to social networks and stored on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service. Video Tuner is available today in the Windows Phone Store.