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Natural History museum is hosting its first adult sleepover

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150 adults, a live spider exhibit, and dinosaurs... what could go wrong?

For years, grown-ups could only watch jealously as their children gallivanted off to spend a night in the American Museum of Natural History. But, that will change on August 1st with the first adult-only sleepover program, which will see lucky participants camping out beneath a certain blue whale.

The overnight event is billed as a more sophisticated version of the kid-friendly "A Night at the Museum" program, and will cost $375 to attend. Participants will be treated to a live animal demonstration, a midnight viewing of the Dark Universe Space Show, and a special presentation in The Power of Poison exhibition. All visitors will also have the opportunity to roam the empty halls. Additionally, the package includes a champagne reception, a three-course dinner, and a breakfast snack in the morning.

Registration is currently open, but there is only space for 150 people so make sure to hurry if you want to be a part of the inaugural adventure.