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Yo app is being used to monitor missile strikes in Israel

Yo app is being used to monitor missile strikes in Israel

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The premise of Yo — the app that just lets you say "yo" to other people — may be ridiculous, but it's being put to some pretty complicated uses. According to The Times of Israel, a pair of developers are now using Yo as a way to alert people of terrorist attacks throughout the country. The simple notification will come through for any Yo user who subscribes to updates from Red Alert: Israel. Traditionally, Red Alert works as a standalone app that sends off more detailed push notifications about the same types of rocket, mortar, and missile attacks that Yo users will be notified about.

That may sound like a step backward, but it was actually a logical partnership, according to The Times of Israel. By tapping into Yo, it'll be simple for Yo users to start getting updates. And more importantly, it'll expand Red Alert's audience by making the alerts available wherever Yo is supported. Red Alert itself reportedly only supports its Android app within Israel, so that would make for a huge expansion.