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'Homestar Runner' creator says he's bringing his internet cartoon back soon

'Homestar Runner' creator says he's bringing his internet cartoon back soon


"I’m just excited to make these dumb animal characters talk again.”

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Fans of Homestar Runner, take heart: the seminal internet cartoon that found a major audience in the 2000s is primed for a full comeback. Co-creator Matt Chapman was just interviewed by Jeff Rubin and announced that he and his brother Mike are bringing the cartoon back following a successful April Fool's Day cartoon — the first new content posted to the site in over three years.

Chapman said that the April Fool's cartoon was a way to "see if anyone gives a crap anymore" after updates to the cartoon essentially ground to a near-standstill in December of 2009. Only four cartoons have been posted since then, with the recent April Fool's episode being the first since December of 2010. Fortunately, fans did, and Chapman went on to say that "the goal will be to start making more stuff, hopefully on a more frequent basis." And while The Brothers Chap don't necessarily plan to update the site as much as they did back in its heyday, they do want to make the site more modern, make it easy to find all of the content they've created over the years, and — most importantly — make more cartoons, regardless of what other work occupies their time.

What kind of lappy will Strong Bad rock when he makes his return?

"I would just love to be making cartoons with those characters again, that’s sort of the first thing that I'm thinking," said Chapman, and while he said it would be "amazing" to do the cartoon full-time, that's not the main goal. "I’m just excited to make these dumb animal characters talk again." Indeed, The Brothers Chap are already discussing a new Strong Bad Email, though there's no word on exactly when regular updates will resume.

Given the way the internet has changed in the last five years, there's a lot of new ground for the characters to cover, though Chapman isn't quite sure yet how modern he wants to take things. "It depends on how whole-hog we go — if we give Strong Bad a Twitter account or Strong Sad a Tumblr or something like that as part of a relaunch," he said. "That’s all stuff we’d have to feel out." The April Fool's cartoon was more of a nostalgia trip through the site than anything that hinted at a future direction, so we'll have to wait and see exactly what kind of lappy Strong Bad is rocking when he makes his long-awaited return.