What makes you share something on the internet?


I'm legitimately curious. Social distribution is the future of the media business, and I think The Verge can do better than simply writing headlines for Facebook and trying to get things upvoted on Reddit. We have a secret weapon: our readers. You all live in the future with us; we're building the next generation of the web together.

Since Meta forum members are the best and most engaged Verge readers, I want to know how you all choose what to share with your friends and family and weird old acquaintances from college and that one dude you met at a party and former co-workers you should probably unfriend and whoever else is on your social networks. If The Verge is making stuff you're interested in sharing, we'll win running away.

News? Reviews? Casey Newton videos from Comic-Con? Stuff from other sites? What about the stuff you share makes you share it? No wrong answers — it's all going to be helpful as we start making the next version of The Verge.