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Chill Situations is the essence of summer distilled into 140 characters

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If you're living in the Northern hemisphere, it's the dead middle of summer and the livin's easy. It's hot and humid, and there might be a thunderstorm on the horizon — but for now, it's a sunny, hazy afternoon. The perfect day for grilling, a little backyard volleyball, or just some straight relaxation by the pool. It's the kind of day tailor-made for being chill. But if you're stuck in the office, slaving away until the weekend begins, there's a Twitter feed that's custom-built to getting you through.

Chill Situations (@chillsitch) has its finger on the pulse of summer, dispensing both sage advice on living life to the fullest as well as snippets of summer life, both often delivered with an ubiquitous windy emoticon. After all, nothing says "chill" like a laid back wink, right?

To get even deeper down the ChillHole, The Daily Dot has an interview with Taylor Moore, the man behind @chillsitch.