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Siri won't let Beats into Dr. Dre's party in bizarre new ad

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Beats officially became part of Apple today, and the companies are celebrating with a strange new ad in which no one gets to celebrate at all. In the 30-second spot posted to Twitter, Siri overhears two Beats spokes-speakers happily discussing the news about their new corporate owners. Siri's disembodied voice lets them know that Beats founder Dr. Dre is hosting a party tonight, leading to much rejoicing. "I gotta go get my hair and nails done," shouts the lady Pill, who is named Tina and has a Twitter account. The man Pill asks for directions, but Siri shoots him down. "Sorry, Mikey and Tina," Siri says, not sounding sorry at all. "Dre's party is invitation only." The Pills get sad. They're out of luck. Fade to logos!

Apple has frequently made a sport out of not inviting people to things — ask the press — but now there's finally an ad about it. So welcome to Apple, Beats. Dre is in Cupertino now, and you can't come to his parties any more. Ain't nothin' but a M&A thing.