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The self-proclaimed Banksy of Tehran

The self-proclaimed Banksy of Tehran

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Banksy has some competition in Tehran, and his name is Black Hand. The graffiti artist is inspired by Banksy's legendary stenciling technique, and he has been adorning the streets of Tehran with playful political messages. As you might expect, his work is often scrubbed from walls just hours after it's put up, but fans have captured his work on an unofficial Facebook page.

One of his more iconic works depicts a woman wearing the country's national soccer jersey hoisting up a bottle of dish soap as if it were a trophy. Among other restrictions on women's rights, the state bars women from attending soccer matches. In an interview with The Guardian, Black Hand explained the purpose of his work thusly: "I work on the issues that are happening in my country. We wake up with them, we live with them and we sleep with them. Art aside, being able to express these issues by itself can help you find peace."