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Microsoft’s new ‘Snipp3t' iPhone app tracks celebrities

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Microsoft is no stranger to iPhone apps, but its latest Snipp3t app is a surprise addition. Released over the weekend, Snipp3t lets you subscribe to follow and track your favorite celebrities. Each celebrity has a profile page created by Microsoft which includes a timeline of news and imagery from around the web, alongside options to like and comment on each piece of content. It’s almost like a miniature social network, and appears to be one of Microsoft’s latest experiments for using Bing data. Microsoft has previously launched its own social network, but it’s largely a research project for the company.

Snipp3t is only available on iPhone for now, but Microsoft has done a good job with the interface and functionality. You can sign-in using a Facebook account to see what other friends are tracking celebrities and subscribe to each individual, or you skip the Facebook option and just use the app as a pretty front end to searching Bing for celebrities. It’s unclear why Microsoft is experimenting with tracking celebrities, but we’ve reached out to the company for comment on Snipp3t, and we’ll update you accordingly.